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Three Beat April 23, 2010

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This week, we were asked to create a “three-beat”-style advertising pitch describing ourselves.  I invented a three-word phrase and a cartoon representation of it, and would like you to respond to both.

Before viewing the cartoon, describe what you feel is conveyed by the following three-beat for me:

meandering dreaming dilettante

Then, please read this cartoon representation of my three-beat.  What you think the cartoon conveys?  How is that different from what you thought when you read the three-beat?

P.S.: Why do I have cartoons now?  I was inspired by how well they worked out on Joy Kim’s blog, and figured I’d try them here.  Besides, it means my blog is a “transmedia” blog now, since it presents a message via text and cartoons!  Also, blogs with cartoons seem to attract more comments and attention, and possibly higher grades — something I need after writing that autoethnography paper!  Let’s see if I can consistently do cartoons for the rest of the quarter…



1. emilievirginia - April 23, 2010

For me these three words evoke the idea of a Van gogh painting. The words “meandering” and “dreamer” themselves describe Van gogh’s style really well, but the reason he popped into my head was the addition of the word “dilettante”. It’s a word that conjures up the idea of more of a superficial interest in the arts rather than a deep passion for them. I think of Van gogh as an artist that people mention when they want to seem like they know art, but they really don’t. I doubt this is how you meant it to come off however, and I’m also reminded of Dilettante Chocolates, and being a meandering dreamer who’s into chocolate is totally something I can relate to. ‘
And THEN I look at your cartoon. Now I think maybe you did mean dilettante as someone who isn’t really involved in any one art form, seeing as how you meander through all forms of art. Your cartoon makes me think you love art, and love the idea of being good at art, but your wide interests make it hard to get really good at any one thing. I really like your cartoon representation of the idea, it just goes to show how much more clearly you can represent your ideas with words AND pictures (the pictures look really nice by the way).

2. fluidic - April 25, 2010

There are two issues here which I think are impeding my access to your meaning. Firstly, the post is really noisy. The bold and the italics and the caps are exploding all over the place, leaving me to hunt through a veritable battlefield before finding the hidden meaning. The result is just hard to read (and white text on black isn’t great on the eyes to start with). Secondly, the three terms all have meanings which are relatively synonymous. A juxtaposition of conflicting or at least contrasting symbols would expand the meaning, while this mainly acts to reinforce the “meandering” element initially introduced. Perhaps that was your intent, I can’t say.

The comic, on the other hand, hints that you did not intend for this homogeneity of meaning to be the result. Your drawings indicate diverging interpretations of each term, if ones which are still thematically related. Perhaps you could have – like Joy – used the comic as the primary mode of communication instead of banishing it to the far end of a hyperlink?

solothing - April 25, 2010

The bold, italic, and caps are there to ensure compliance with the assignment requirements. They are not part of the three-beat, and should not be considered as such. Yes, I agree that the post is really noisy, but I was not entirely sure that people would read and respond to the words BEFORE looking at the comic.

And I guess I’ll change the theme. I know that white on black is bad style, but I thought programmers like yourself enjoyed white-on-black consoles!

I’m not sure how the meaning is necessarily synonymous — the words go together, but don’t mean the same thing. Someone who wanders is not necessarily a dreamer, and someone who tries a lot of things doesn’t have to wander between them or have dreams about them. I feel the words flow together, but I could make it more interesting with contrasting elements.

I wanted to use the comic as the primary mode of communication, but that potentially diverges from the assignment requirements. I was worried that the cartoon would count as “additional explanation” beyond the words, and thus lose me points. I know I’m providing lots of additional explanation in the comments, but so has everyone else who has commented (I suppose I should include a warning against that too!). I also wanted to see how impressions after reading the comic compared to impressions before reading it — something I couldn’t do if I didn’t hide the comic. Hopefully I won’t have to “banish” it next week ;-).

3. espishak - April 25, 2010


I’m surprised you didn’t mention something like analytical. I remember you programming A LOT when we lived together so I’m kind of surprised that none of your words are directly related to some sort of programming or thinking.

I think meandering is a really good word, mainly because of the random naps you took.

I remember you liking to make music, but I don’t remember you liking it enough to stick it in all three boxes of your comic. I feel like you spent more time on your computer than doing music stuff. Unless a lot of the computer time was you making music…

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